Enrolement is NOW OPEN for all CJC 2018-2019 Season Programs

Cedarburg Junior Cheer is now accepting new team members for the upcoming Fall Football/Competition Cheer team. Summer Camp and the Jump Start training team registrations are now open too.

You can register on the Cedarburg Park and Rec Website, at our open house on May 2 or by contacting us at CJC through the link below.

About Us


Thank you for your interest in the Cedarburg Junior Cheer program.  

We offer competitive cheer teams for grades 2-8, and a non competitive beginners training program for grades  K-1.

Additional tumbling, skill strengthening and private coaching is also available for grades K-12.

CJC is a cheerleading program where everyone is welcome! No experience is needed to be a part of the team. You do not need to be a resident of Cedarburg to be part of the program

Team Expectataions

We teach our athletes to excel in all areas of cheerleading as well as instill qualities and values that last a lifetime. When you choose to join the Cedarburg Junior Cheer team, realize that you are making a commitment to CJC, your coaches, your teammates, and yourself for the complete season. Success of the cheer squad is dependent not only on the team, but also on each cheerleader’s full participation, attitude, work ethic and eagerness to learn. 


Cedarburg Junior Cheer is lead by Head Coach, Brittany Delcid, who's been coaching youth cheerleading for the past 6 years. She, and all of the CJC Coaches, believe that proper training, coaching, motivation, and discipline, will give our athletes the ability to reach their highest level of skill on the sidelines as well as on the competitive mat.

Programs and Offerings

CJC Jump Start

Grades K-1

Cheerleaders will train with the coaches individually and as a team to learn basic cheer skills as well as balance, coordination, self discipline, listening skills and how to follow directions in a high energy, safe and positive environment. These fundamental skills prepare athletes for the Junior Cheer team. Contact us for more information.

CJC Football and Competition Cheer Team

Grades 2-8

Cheerleaders will train in a high energy and safe environment with qualified coaches. The teams will learn the foundations of cheerleading, focusing on motion techniques, 8 counts, jumps, stunting and basic tumbling. Athletes work to learn and perform basic sideline cheers as well as a 2.5-minute competition cheer routine. The athletes will cheer at home games for the new Cedarburg Dawgs Youth Football Team and compete at a number of area competitions. Contact us for more information.

CJC Summer Cheer Camp

Grades K-8

Camp offers a 3-day skills spectacular for youth cheerleaders. The campers will train in a fun, high energy, motivating and safe environment! Focus will be on cheer basics, sharpening skills, fun, fitness and more!! Everything will be covered, from stretching, jumps, basic tumbling, basic stunting, sideline cheers, a short routine and more! This is the place to be for young athletes who love cheerleading. Contact us for more information. 

CJC Tumbling and Skill Drills

Grades K-12

Do you still fear that back handspring? Can’t do anything on a gym floor? Is it a big problem when the spotter steps away? If so, then it’s time to overcome that fear of tumbling and tighten up your skills! Tumbling and Skill Drills is available at select times. Contact us for more information.

CJC Private Cheer Coaching

Grades K-12

Use CJC for one-on-one coaching and small group training. Turn your weaknesses into strengths, improve your skills, and increase your confidence. Private Cheer Coaching is available upon request. Contact us for more information.

CJC Information Packets

CJC Information Packets

CJC Football Competition Team Info Packet 2018-19 (pdf)


CJC Jump Start Info Packet 2018-19 (pdf)


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CJC 2018-19 Football Competition Team Flyer (jpg)



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